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Re: GameBase Z.C.M., M.A.M.E.

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:55 pm
by dax
Thank You Very Much, Mr Mad from England :mrgreen:
Today I've downloaded all of missed Homesoft compilations (in case) :P

To all: Expect NEW "Launchbox compilation" later this month. You won't be dissappointed :wink:

Re: GameBase Z.C.M., M.A.M.E.

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:24 am
by dax
Launchbox 'Arcade Classics v225' [daxPL]
Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image
The compilations uses ARCADE v225 emulator with "no-nag" feature and WOLFMAME v225 with batches to record/playback. It contains more than 1000 of selected arcade games (excl. clones). Other extra files, like mameinfo.dat, history.dat also included. You may execute games with frontend 'LaunchBox.exe' (by 'Platform' or 'Playlist' games list) or directly within 'arcade64.exe'. If You want to use 'arcade64.exe', You MUST set paths manually via emulator or use 'LBsetter.bat' (my batch file) to make changes by automated script. To make .bat works correctly, the compilation requires to be located at 'DISK:\Launchbox' path (eg.: C:\Launchbox, D:\Launchbox, ... Z:\Launchbox).

'LBsetter.bat' allows to switch display modes to: D3D, OPENGL, BGFX. OPENGL with special shaders set by default. Controls set to keyboard and XBOX 360/ONE/SERIES pads by default. It may have perfect mappings for some guys, others may hate it ;). The .bat file is useful when You use different PC's (lo-spec/hi-spec CPU/GPU), but if You not familiar with batches - just don't execute it (You may even not need it).

The compilation have all of required files and everything should work properly (not tested with antivirus, which may blocks some scripts). It works with LAUNCHBOX MODE only, which is good enough for retro playing. BIG BOX MODE, which is second mode of Launchbox, requires licence file (I can't share it) and mostly is useful when You use movies. The compilations have no movies of games, but images.

More info about compilation: execute Launchbox, do a right mouse click on 'Arcade Classics', select 'Edit', then read 'Note' tab. In BIG BOX MODE (which we do not use) the info looks nicer.

I've distributed it as SFX archive. It contains NO VIRUS, NO TROJAN, NO SPYWARE, but You may not trust me and check with Your favourite AV software.

Download the compilation

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Links active till the next Sunday (2021.01.17)

Download update

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Copy downloaded .xml file to 'Launchbox\Data\Playlists'

If You like the compilation, You may send me a postcard from Your city :mrgreen: