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Sun Sep 18, 2005 1:16 am

Hi all !

Just discovered this site, very nice to have such a nice thing on the net.
I have a question about playing these games on Pc.
I use winvice to run these games, and I use the "adjust joystick" or something like that to attach keys to controls.
I have a feeling that one control key is missing. For example when I play Mp soccer, or Water polo, just to name two, at different screens I can not advance further. (This is the name bank or something similar in the Mp soccer - after I write my name I should choose a team, color and secondary color, but can not choose the latter two as I can not find any key that will allow me to advance after the "write your name" part. In the Water polo it is something similar - one player game: enter your team's name and I can't go further or when trying to play world championship, I got stuck when I should select the difficulty level)
Any clue, comments, advices?
Thx in advance !
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Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:11 pm

Maybe I'm missing something, but it works by pressing "enter" after entering your name. Both of there worked just fine for me. Make sure your "fire" button is not the enter key.

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