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game characters

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game characters

Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:05 am

im here once again. this time with a masive ask. i have my own web site witch im not here to boast about. but to ask for help. i recently decided to to game characters and have info on them all plus pictures of them. and i thought it would be great to also include cbm 64 gamecharacters. bu sadly i dont have info on most of them. sutch as dizzy, monty, ollie and lissa, head over heels, and many other characters. i think it would be great to have them along with now day characters. plus telling how thay came about. as these characters in a way made the gameing industry what it is today....and dont worry any one giveing there help would be credited for there work and even on walkthroughs and even cheats for the games. thanks for reading. ;-}
reuben cornwall

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