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GameBases for Productivity & Operating Systems

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GameBases for Productivity & Operating Systems

Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:12 am

Hey to Gamebase folks:
I plan to make three new Gambaases PCOSBase, DOS ProductivityBase, Windows ProductivityBASE
PCOSBase is for the Install disks and CDs\DVDs for various PC-Compatible Operating systems.
Here Operating Systems refer to the Install disks and Optical Disks ( CDs and DVDs )not hard disk images w\ the systems preinstalled installed ). For my purposes the CDs\DVDs will be BIN\CUE files... OEM disks are welcome provided they are an installer, not a backup disk.
One thing to keep in mind, I will not include any Linux or BSD install disks because there are way to many distributions.
There will be Unix such as Xenix and UnixWare. ( assuming I can find the Disks images for those systems )
Although it could be done, I see no need to do an OSBases for any other systems ( aside from C64, Amiga, Mac, and maybe Apple 2 ( Apple 2's would include the Apple2GS btw )
For the Operating system installer disks, I will use the biggest available media that the OS came on..
So MS-DOS 6.22 would be 1.44MB not 1.2MB disks.
I plan to do 2 productivity bases as well, DOS and Win3.x,
ProductivityBase DOS - this is just the DOS applications installed on hard disk. These would be pure DOS applications, not windows command line apps.

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