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GamebaseST update

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 12:00 am    Post subject: GamebaseST update Reply with quote

Hi guys

I've been working with Paul on his GamebaseST project for a few weeks now, and its coming along swimmingly. By chance I'm also a good friend of James Burrows the Gamebase frontend author so I've sparked his interest in the various other directions Gamebase has gone since it's original C64 inception. Let me give you some news on whats been going on...

1. We have been getting positive interest and support from both the Steem and SainT authors. We can now support both emulators, and are using these to add games to the database. Other past and future emulators will also be supported since the Gamebase Engine allows us to do this very easily.

2. We are making every effort to create the friendliest collection of ST games possible. This means if a game can be moved from a compilation menu to a separate st disk, while still maintaining auto-loading and any trainers/docs, we will do it. Our collection will be mostly unique.

3. All of the features of the Gamebase Engine are being explored, and in particlar we will be making good use of the GEMUS scripting language that is built-in. This will allow us to have full control over things like TOS version, memory, drive A & B use and special switches for the emulators on a per game basis.

4. Native ST sound support will be coming in the future. At the moment the Gamebase engine only gives extra info about music files if they are C64 SIDs. We will be looking to add YM, SC68, SNDH and MOD support as well to the music info dialogs and tabs.

5. I will be embarking on a separate sister database which will be for the ST demo scene. You will be able to switch between both databases from within Gamebase. The Demo scene has always been a popular part of the ST's history and I hope it is a welcome addition to Gamebase.

6. There will be full support for the Emulator Setup Wizard inside Gamebase for the Atari ST platform soon. I want to put the finishing touches to the GEMUS scripts before releasing this.

7. While I've been helping with some of the back-end stuff and adding the odd game, Paul has been working away like a crazy man adding more and more games. I can't believe how fast that man churns through them! I think you will enjoy the next release when it's ready.

Thats about it for now, thanks for reading.

Cord (aka Rob)
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