GBLauncher and Maximus Arcade

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GBLauncher and Maximus Arcade

Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:15 pm

Hi everybody, i need some help with the configuration of GBlauncher in Maximus Arcade.

I done all the steps of the wiki and i have a .lst to import in MA.
When i open the file i find this stuff

["$1,000,000": [#name: "1000000_16523_01", #path: "Z:\Commodore 64\GameBase\GBC_v09\Games\"], "$100,000 Pyramid, The": [#name: "100KPYRA_00001_01", #path: "Z:\Commodore 64\GameBase\GBC_v09\Games\"], "...sein letzter Trick": [#name: "SEINLETZ_16236_01", #path: "Z:\Commodore 64\GameBase\GBC_v09\Games\"], "0 and X": [#name: "0ANDX_09437_01", #path: "Z:\Commodore 64\GameBase\GBC_v09\Games\"],

In the path Games there are folders A, A1, B, C with games.
In another folder i have got screenshots renamed like games:

When i import the .lst in MA i can see the right name of the games with right screenshots but when i play games dont works.

MA .exe point to GBLauncher
MA screenshots path point to the folder that i create with export to rom list
MA rom path point to the folder with games in GameBase

Maybe the problem is subfolders in path GAME.. idk

The command line i used are:

db="GBC_v09" id=%name wait=1
db="GBC_v09" fn=%name wait=1

Thanks, Stoca.

P.S. I use the GameBase v.9 with games and screenshots of versione 5 (im still downloading the v.9 games and snaps files). Is that a problem? In gamebase seems not. Everything works good

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