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bugs in db

Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:54 pm

http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=15765&d=18&h=0 - uses keyboard (1 and 3) for input, not paddle
same for http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=2652&d=18&h=0 (which is the exact same game - its not dutch either, its german)

http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=19981&d=18&h=0 and http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=21426&d=18&h=0 are the same thing

http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=17561&d=18&h=0 uses paddles in both ports

http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=9519&d=18&h=0 uses paddles port 1, not port 2

http://gamebase64.com/game.php?id=20844&d=18&h=0 does not support paddle at all, it uses a custom adapter to psx controllers

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