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1.3 beta

Database Version:

1.3 beta Build 1150 -- September 4th, 2000


James Burrows:

- Idea, programming, screenshots and original database concept
- Game entries of Blast collection #1-300
- Screenshot support for games I was unable to create screenshots for (eg when game file was broken) (thanks!)

Martin and Oliver:

- Assistance with screenshots
- Assistance with database updating
- General ideas and suggestions

Andreas Eibach:

- Database enhancements:
  Additional database programming like additional internal queries to make life easier in updating and enhancing

- Lots of new genres, release year entries and other retrieved data

- New screenshots!

  - Game entries of Blast collection #301-340 plus correcting and adding of information about missing games  (NOTE: about 200   games between #1 and #300 were missing before!)

- Game entries of Dotson collection
- Reorganization of Codemasters' "Dizzy" and "Seymour" game series
- Emulator compatibility information and small docs

Changes List

- Changes from Original Database to Build 1000:

- Changes List for Build 1150:


This is me, Andreas, speaking to you, and I'm happy to present you the result of my hard work from November 10th, 1999 to the present day! FINALLY *sigh*! Yup, now it's almost a year since I first started to work on this!

Now there's around 550 (+ 80 since last build) new screenshots for your Gamebase 64. Lots of them were revised and created afresh.

Since there are MAJOR differences between the database originally distributed and mine, I'm going to give you a small overview what has changed, especially in the Genres section.

The reason why I changed it is mostly because of YOU. :-)
Well, a lot of people don't just request a game on the internet forums, but can only indistinctly remember 'ummm ... errm ... well I think it was a helicopter flying in the air and rescuing people from a dark place', trying hard to retrieve the game's name, sometimes close to despair :-)

Yes, of course: I'm talking about the notorious and famous 'NAME THAT GAME!' questions... :)

With this update, it'll be much easier to distinguish especially shoot'em up games in the future because these categories were refined much more now!
The category "Shoot'em Up (V-Scrolling)"has now been split into "Shoot'em Up (V-Scrolling)" and "Shoot'em Up (V-Scrolling [S.E.U.C.K.])" to make direct access to SEUCK games possible.
(well, frankly, _I_ don't need that, though ;)

For the sports' game fans, I can also notify you of the fact that you can now access games about American Football, Baseball, and Rollerskating directly from now on (since Build 1150)!

NEW: The Codemasters list has got a BIG update now! Database build 1150 now contains 92 Codemasters' games!
This wouldn't have been possible with help of the CODIE! site by Adam Harris, which turned out to be a very valuable information source.
NOTE: The Codemasters games "Prince Clumsy" and "Spellfire The Sorcerer" do NOT appear in the list because they had already been entered using the more common names "Sword And The Rose" and "Wizard Willy".

I've always been thinking that 'Shoot'em Up (H-Scrolling)' does not tell you much about the actual game in particular.
Is it in outer space? Are you riding on a VEHICLE even?
So 'Shoot'em Up (H-Scrolling)' is now gone. FOREVER. Same with 'Shoot'em Up (V-Scrolling)' and many more.

OLD genre description NEW genre description(s) game examples
Shoot'em Up (H-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Space, H-Scrolling [Spacecraft])
Shoot'em Up (Space, H-Scrolling [Human])
Shoot'em Up (Space, D-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Air Battle, H-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Helicopter ["Rescue'em"])
Shoot'em Up (Helicopter [Miscellaneous])
Shoot'em Up (Vehicle, H-Scrolling [Moon Buggy])
Shoot'em Up (Vehicle, H-Scrolling [Misc.])
Armalyte, Menace, R-Type
Forgotten Worlds, Humanoids
3D Skramble, Return of the Jedi
Kamikaze, Wings of Fury
Fort Apocalypse, Blue Thunder
Helikopter Jagd, Silkworm
Moon Buggy, Jeep Command
Beach Buggy Sim., Hot Wheels
Shoot'em Up (V-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Space, V-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Air Battle, V-Scrolling)
Shoot'em Up (Vehicle, V-Scrolling)
Mission Genocide, Zyron
Flying Shark, 1943 (Am. Action)
Last Duel, Spy Hunter
Beat'em Up
Beat'em Up (Single Screen Fight)
Beat'em Up (Multi Screen Fight)
Beat'em Up (Scrolling Screen / Street)
IK+, Knight Games
Ninja, Karateka
Ninja Warriors, Double Dragon
Racing (Car)
Racing (Motorbike) YES! :)
Racing (Car, Overhead)
Racing (Miscellaneous) [Boat, Jet Ski etc.]
Crazy Cars, Grand Prix Circuit
Enduro Racer, Motocross Racer
Burning Rubber, G. P. Simulator
Aqua Racer, Geebee Air Rally
Adventure (Text)
Adventure (Text-ONLY)
Adventure (Text & Graphics)
ALL Infocom adventures, True spit
Aztec Tomb, Empire Of Karn
Board Game
Board Game (Chess)
Board Game (Miscellaneous)
Chessmaster 2000, My Chess 2
Computer Scrabble, Cluedo


Other subcategories I've added are: (these did NOT appear in earlier database versions)
NEW: these game types can now be accessed DIRECTLY! Enjoy!

ARCADE section - separate categories for:

- Collect'em Up games with 2D or 3D View (Maze) like Oxxonian and Colony.

- "Platforms 'n Ladders" games like the famous Lode Runner, Jumpman and many more)

- Skill [3D solid]: arcade skill games on high 3D geometrical solids, such as high cubes made of smaller cubes like Marble Madness, Gyroscope and others.)

- Direct access to games similar to Pac-Man, Tetris, Q-Bert, Eliminator, Styx, Worms/TRON

- Completely separated now: Arcade games with 3D views because the 'General' section became way too large.

SHOOT'EM UP section - separate categories for:

- Aircraft shooters in 3D like Afterburner and Mig-29 Soviet Fighter.

- Alien combat games like Alien Storm and Victory Road.

- Shoot With A Sight: these are games where you control a crosshair to shoot aliens, soldiers, objects etc.
(examples : Geodestruct, Operation Thunderbolt, The Tube.)

- Western Style games like Outlaws by Ultimate and Mountie Mick's Death Ride.

- NEW! Space shooters (V-Scrolling), created with S.E.U.C.K. (Shoot'em Up Construction Kit).

NEW!  SPORTS section - separate categories for:

- Games about American Football, Baseball and Rollerskating.

That's it for now - enjoy this new database - and: it's really worth waiting for the upcoming Gamebase64 v2.0!!

This database version 1.3b Build 1150 is © Andreas Eibach 1999-2000

Consider that you never ought to make a mystery of your suggestions, enhancements and improvements :-) so please contact me via e-mail anytime, of course, when there's anything you wish to see changed.

So long,


P. S. My thanks go to the following people:

James Burrows - for this great UNIQUE program idea he had and how perfectly he managed to substantiate it in the end
Martin Jarl - for inspiring me to categorize the games the way he does it on SHOOT!
(in fact he is the reason for the database structure looking like it looks now)
Adam Harris - for his great site 'CODIE' featuring lots of Codemasters games, without which my Codemasters list wouldn't be as close to completion as it is right now! Thank you very much!
Timothy Dotson - for his great valuable game collection he offers for free download on Arnold with lots
of rare and FULL versions of games (linked pics, full intro etc.)

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