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News Archive - August 2000
  Rare Games Corner updated
25 Aug 00

This week it's "Gemstone Healer" by SSI, the sequel to Gemstone Warrior, as requested through our forum. Check it out here!

  Game of the Week! - The Sentinel
25 Aug 00

Torsten Dewi has kindly submitted this week's game article on Geoff Crammond's 1986 masterpiece: "The Sentinel".

  'Missing' and 'Non-100%' lists updated
25 Aug 00

The gamebase64 team is on the lookout for the games in these lists. Please check them out and let us know if you can help - Thanks!

Missing Games: 100 (+14)
Not 100% working: 87 (-1)

  Disk & Tape Transfer Service
21 Aug 00

Do you have some old C64 disks/tapes lying in your basement including some classic games you haven't found on the web yet? If you would like to play these games from your childhood again, we can help you to include them in the forthcoming Gamebase Collection!

So if you have no equipment or simply don't have the time to get them back to life we can do this for you. You send us your stuff and we transfer it to the PC for you. Finally you'll get back a CD with all images included playable with an emulator. Check out our Transfer Service here!

  More Splash Screen / Icon Contributions
21 Aug 00

We've received yet more really cool Splash Screen and Icon contributions for the new version of gamebase64 from various people. Check them out on the Artwork page!

  Rare Games Corner SPECIAL!
18 Aug 00

We've uploaded the full World Class Leaderboard this week, along with the Famous Courses Volumes 1, 2 and 3. All disks are complete with the Punch Shot option and no key-protection!

  Game of the Week! - Impossible Mission
18 Aug 00

This week's article is Epyx's classic platformer Impossible Mission, submitted by James Burrows.

  Project Status
18 Aug 00

Entries in database: 10600 (+100)
With Game-File: 10518 (+104)
Unchecked: 3708 (-160)
Missing: 84 (-2)
Not 100% working: 86 (-2)

  Gamebase Artwork Contributions
18 Aug 00

We've already had some cool contributions for the gb2 Splash Screen and Icon! Check them out here!

  Rare Games Corner updated
10 Aug 00

Added this week is the official English version of Starbyte Software's classic RPG: Rings of Medusa!

  Game of the Week! - International Soccer
10 Aug 00

Please check out this week's game article for International Soccer, kindly submitted by Christopher Sharpe.

  New Database for gamebase64 v1.3b!
08 Aug 00

Andreas Eibach has compiled his own database for use with v1.3b of gamebase64. The original database that came with gamebase64 only supported up to volume 300 of the Blast Collection and the information in it was poorly assimilated. Andreas' database supports up to volume 340 and the data it contains is far more accurate than before. There is also over 470 new screenshots!

You can check exactly what's new in his database here, and you can get the database and screenshots from the download page.

  Wanted: Gamebase64 Artwork!
07 Aug 00

James unfortunately has very little artistic talent (remember the splash screen in v1.3b? - hahahaah!!) and is humbly asking for somebody to design a new splash screen and icon for v2.0 of gamebase64! Any artwork we receive will be considered, the best submissions will be picked for v2.0 and the artist will be fully credited. If you're interested, the icon needs to be in both 16x16 and 32x32 versions and the splash screen no larger than 400x250 pixels (or thereabouts). Please mail your masterpieces to!

  Rare Games Corner updated
04 Aug 00

This week's addition to the Rare Games Corner is a 100% working version of Microprose's Crusade in Europe!

  Game of the Week! - Cybernoid II
04 Aug 00

The latest GOTW contribution comes from Ryan Thompson and is for Hewson's space shoot'em-up Cybernoid II - The Revenge!

  'Missing' and 'Non-100%' lists updated
04 Aug 00

The gamebase64 team is on the lookout for the games in these lists. Please check them out and let us know if you can help - Thanks!

Missing Games: 86 (+10)
Not 100% working: 88 (+2)

  Project Status
02 Aug 00

Michael is now back from his travels in Ireland and is currently rummaging through all the new found games the team has sent him. Rio Baan has supplied us with many of these new games but they still have to be assimilated into the collection. A nice amount of unchecked games have been checked this month also, bringing the release date that little bit closer! :-)

To date, the project status is as follows (but we have many more games waiting to be added)...

Entries in database: 10500 (+70)
With Game-File: 10414 (+60)
Unchecked: 3868 (-629)
Missing: 76
Not 100% working: 86

Updated Missing and Non-100% lists will be uploaded soon.


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