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News Archive - December 2000
  Rare Games Corner Updated
31 Dec 00

Since new year's eve is associated with gambling activities, a working copy of Capstone's Trump Castle is the newest addition to the Corner!

Hopefully, it'll save you the trouble of visiting a real Casino (not to mention the money!!) -- isn't that nice? ;-)


  Missing and Bugged Lists Updated
31 Dec 00

There are no holidays for the Gamebase crew, so here come some fresh Missing/Bugged games' lists to reflect our endless pondering!

Missing: 70 (-12)
Not 100% working: 81 (-2)

  A Very Merry Christmas to ALL!!!
25 Dec 00

It's the most wonderful time of the year again, and here at the Gamebase Towers we have all gathered to celebrate James' return from Egypt!

Unfortunately, he didn't manage to wrestle a copy of Daffy Duck from the pyramid of Tou-tan-khan-duck -- in fact he was forced to surrender a copy of the Gamebase V2 Beta CD to the evil mummy in order to be allowed to exit the pyramid in one piece :(

Oh, well, at least he's back now and he'll resume work on the new advanced gamebase interface, incorporating all ideas that have been gathering dust in his cupboard (well, at least the feasible ones!)

We can certainly promise that this will be your last Christmas without it! :)

  Project Status
25 Dec 00

Michael 'The Borg' Plate (above in a rare pic portraying him in full gear) continues assimilating games into gamebase as our below progress report indicates.

Entries in database: 11700 (+224)
Unchecked: 1698 (-69)
Missing: 82 (-8)
Not 100% working: 83 (+6)

Click the pic for a sneak peek at his assimilation console -- be warned, though, that it's not a pleasant sight, so those of light-heart better steer clear! :)

  New Artwork Contributions
25 Dec 00

Rafi Kharman has submitted some really cool Splash Screens and Icons for the new gamebase. Check them out in the Artwork page!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
25 Dec 00

We thought one should take advantage of the Christmas vacations in order to gain valuable knowledge, so we've uploaded Database Software's Fun School 3 and Europress Software's Fun School 4 to the Rare Games Corner! :)

Seriously though, if you take some moments to check them out you'll find that their little games are more fun than many pure recreational releases...

  Game of the Week - Fire Ant
17 Dec 00

Victory Software's Fire Ant is a very old game indeed. Should it be forgotten? Mathieu Faes doesn't think so -- you can read the reason here!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
17 Dec 00

Do you know a game called Cyborg? Nope, I'm not talking about CRL's so-so 3D arcade adventure. Nope, I'm not talking about Quick Soft's crap game (which, BTW, was published as Cyber One although it says Cyborg all over its title-screen) either! The one I'm talking about was published by Sentient Software back in 1982: It's Michael Berlyn's (of Infocom fame) classic adventure game, more for which you can read in our Rare Games Corner...


MURDER - Forever Lost?

17 Dec 00

As promised last week, the latest addition to our Forever Lost? section is US Gold's Murder. Let's hope it turns up somewhere...

  Indiana James in the Pyramid of Doom
10 Dec 00

Well, sort of! James has undertaken an exploratory mission in Egypt (carefully disguished as a western tourist), in search for the famous lost pyramid of the Pharaoh Tou-tan-khan-duck (died 2064 B.C.), where the last copy of Duffy Duck is said to reside.

Good Luck James!

  New section! - Forever Lost?
10 Dec 00

Which brings us to the latest addition in this site and the first by the new administration :)

It is dedicated to C64 games that although they were completed and reviewed by CBM magazines as such, they are nowhere to be found. Are they Forever Lost? We hope not and have created this section to hopefuly track them down and bring them to all of us, the devoted C64 fans.

The section kicks off with Hi-Tec's Daffy Duck, a game that I believe we all *wish* to be able to play some day...

  Rare Games Corner Updated
10 Dec 00

Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? Dunno! However, here's a working copy of Broderbund's educational game for you to try and find out!

  Some More Splash Screens
10 Dec 00

Five more C64 splash screens were created by yours truly during moments of boredom. Check them out here!

Remember, we're still accepting splash-screens and icons for GB2 and the one(s) we eventually pick for the front-end will get a free copy of the GB-CD mailed to them as a thank you! The contributions so far can be seen on the artwork page.

  Project Status
4 Dec 00

Each passing week brings gamebase64 closer to completion. Here comes our newest update:

Entries in database: 11476 (+165)
Unchecked: 1767 (-83)
Missing: 90 (-4)
Not 100% working: 77 (-1)

Note that by subtracting the number of missing games (90) from the number of database entries (11476) you find the number of actual games linked to the database (11386)...

  Game of the Week - MISL
3 Dec 00

Mindscape's Major Indoor Soccer League gets the public attention this week. Many thanks to Curt Lieser for submiting the relevant article!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
3 Dec 00
The english version of Ariolasoft's adventure game Lapis Philosophorum (The Philosophers' Stone) is presented for those with adventurous souls...

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