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News Archive - December 2001
  A Dozen Games of the Week!
30 Dec 01

Oh, boy, here we go again with the multiple GOTW thing:

HES Games.Guardian.Petch
Tapper.Mr. Dig.Summer Games
Stellar 7.Eagle Empire.Decathlon

The entire feature on (pre-Zzap!) arcade conversions as published in Zzap!64 issue 3 (July 1985) has been htmlized and all 12 mini reviews by Julian Rignall are now available for your perusal!

  A Note on Summer Games
30 Dec 01

The freshly uploaded version of Summer Games of the above arcade conversions feature, unlike most (all?) versions currently on the web, will work with Summer Games II when the option to include Summer Games I events is selected. (And if your version of Summer Games II does not have as an option in the main menu: "6) SUMMER GAMES 1 EVENTS (NO/YES)", you better replace it with one that does!

  Merry Christmas with GameBase!
23 Dec 01

As some of you may have noticed if you visited his GameBase site yesterday, James Burrows stayed true to his word and released the all new beta of the GameBase program.

Asked to comment on actually keeping a release date (for once), the tireless programmer mentioned: "I've really been slaving away for the last 3 weeks NON STOP to get this bloody thing released on time!". "That's the last time I EVER make release promises", he enthused! :)

  Project Status
23 Dec 01

Entries in database: 14374 (+106)
Missing: 49 (-)
Not 100% working: 77 (-1)

The above news signal the end of the Gamebase64 V2.0 program. The universal nature of the new frontend meant the "64" had to go, leaving us with the GameBase program which starts its version numbering from the beginning, eg. this beta is V0.9. The V2.0 can now only refer to the in-the-making C64 games database to which this site is devoted.

In the GameBase site you'll find a handy converter tool to make your own V1.3 database compatible with the new GameBase, as well as a sample MAME database and other interesting titbits. As a result of all these new developments, some of our pages had to be updated, namely the Database, GameBase, Download, GB64V2 and GEMUS pages.

  Game of the Week - Glider Pilot
23 Dec 01

This htmlized review is the last of Zzap!64 Issue 2 and is devoted to those that never believed I'll have the patience and the time to come this far! :)

  Game of the Week - HES Games
23 Dec 01

I've also htmlized the Arcades Feature of Issue 3 which contained 12 mini-reviews by Julian Rignall of pre-Zzap! games that were arcade conversions! I've put online HES Games as a sort of...preview of the Feature, and I intent to put it online in its entirety on our next update -- which may be on the next day of Christmas if I find the time... ;)

  Release Date Set In Stone!
16 Dec 01

James 'Great Maker' Burrows has announced a firm date for the release of the GameBase beta: the 22nd December 2001! He promised he'll keep to this date even if not all things that he wanted to include are finished. This week the GameBase64 team will be doing some in-house beta testing, so with luck your machines should be safe from total annihilation. And although the new database won't be released yet, a conversion tool will be available for existing databases to become compatible with the new interface (ma, look at all those new empty fields I've got!)

Now, how's that for a Christmas present?

For more details on the new GameBase interface, its history and, more importantly, a development/progress report that includes both pre-Xmas and post-Xmas TO DO lists (not to mention James' arcade-cabinet ambitions) drop by the new GB-site and have some fun!
  Game of the Week - Ice Palace
16 Dec 01

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Game of the Week section.

And if you can get the sid-ripped out of this one, you're certainly a Mega-Ripper! (Not joking, it's really difficult!)

  Game of the Week - Spelunker
16 Dec 01

This htmlized review includes a mega-map of the game made by non other than the Great himself, Mr. Michael Plate. Direct any "stop fooling around and get the project finished" messages to the usual address! :o)

  Game of the Week - World Series Baseball
9 Dec 01

"The Imagine name returns with a sports simulation pulsating with all the razmatazz of the real thing."

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Game of the Week section.

  Game of the Week - Antics
9 Dec 01

Eh, this a little embarrassing. The review of the game Antics, published by Bug Byte in 1985, is the first Zzap! review I'm coming accross where the game reviewed is not in gamebase yet! :(

As a result, a link to this review has also been added to our Forever Lost? section, and you're kindly requested to be on the lookout for this rather mediocre title which should be common at boot sales.

  We're now Universal!
2 Dec 01

James Burrows, author of Gamebase decided to opt for super-stardom by enabling the Gamebase program to become compatible with all computer systems emulators, thus creating a portal for all users wanting to create different system databases (Amstrad, Mame, Amiga, Atari, etc). For that reason he launched a new website for hosting it, since this one is dedicated to Commodore 64 database issues only. (And, NO, that new site won't be maintained by me, so you can all breath a sign of relief :)

  Project Status
2 Dec 01

Entries in database: 14268 (+30)
Missing: 49 (-)
Not 100% working: 78 (+6)

  Forum Pop-Ups RIP
2 Dec 01

Yup, James also put his hand deeply in his pocket and paid our way out of the nasty little poppers! Isn't life more beautiful now? ;)

  Game of the Week - Quasimodo
2 Dec 01

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Game of the Week section.

  Game of the Week - Blagger Goes to Hollywood
2 Dec 01



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