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News Archive - February 2001
  Gamebase 64 V2 Pics Updated!
25 Feb 01

James is working harder each day, and the V2 interface is getting closer and closer to its final shape. Take a look at the new pics displayed in the relevant section...

  Help Wanted!
25 Feb 01

We are looking for some help designing some internal graphics and icons for gamebase64 v2.0. For more information or if you would like to help, please email James.

  Spash Screens Contribution
25 Feb 01

Take a look in our artwork section for 2 new pics contributed by Mikael Hagglund!

  Game of the Week - Seaside Special
25 Feb 01

A new ZZAP! review has been htmlized for your perusal.

  Rare Games Corner Updated
25 Feb 01

'The Game of Quick Draw' has been uploaded to the Rare Games Corner. It's none other than Domark's Pictionary -- The English version of course!

  Project Status
18 Feb 01

Entries in database: 12012 (+100)
Unchecked: 781 (-309)
Missing: 80 (-3)
Not 100% working: 76 (+1)

  Lost and Found - Kaiser (UK)
18 Feb 01

The first yield of the Forever Lost? section, it was rescued from an uncertain future thanks to Matthew Allen, a.k.a. Mayhem UK, who wrestled it from e-bay, then donated it to Commodoredom through the Gamebase64 project!

  Game of the Week - Rock n' Bolt
18 Feb 01

Hit the pic on the left to go read about our latest GOTW, taken directly from the pages of ZZAP!64. Then download the image from the same page and see if you agree with the reviewers!

Since ZZAP! reviews are now part of this site, a page on the ZZAP! rating system & reviewing policy was deemed necessary. You can access it from our Game of the Week index page!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
18 Feb 01

And the newest addition is none other than the English version of Ariolasoft's strategy game, Kaiser!

  Game of the Week - Pastfinder
11 Feb 01

Continuing with the ZZAP!64 reviews, the newest addition gracing our GOTW section is Activision's Pastfinder. Since I (Dimitris) got started on this (and not being the type who leaves things in the middle), I suppose I have to continue review-by-review until I reach issue 106!!!

The question is, do you want this to go on? Your opinion on the subject is welcome in our forum...

  Rare Games Corner Updated
11 Feb 01

The US version of Cabal has been added to the Corner, in a vain attempt to balance the rpgs/adventures that swarm the place. Also, the English version of Lapis Philosophorum (reported broken in our forum), was fixed in-house by The Borg.

  Project Status
4 Feb 01

Entries in database: 11912 (+48)
Unchecked: 1090 (-187)
Missing: 83 (+1)
Not 100% working: 75 (-1)

The unchecked games really dwindled their numbers lately! Soon they will be over and we'll enter the final stage of the Gamebase Collection Project...

  Spash Screen - Icon Contribution
4 Feb 01

Jacek Bogucki submitted some digital art for our ever-growing artwork section. And pretty cool it is too!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
4 Feb 01

A game for the hard-core gamesplayers, the heavy metal C64 fans, Developmental's Teddy Bear-rels of Fun has just been added to the Rare Games Corner. Miss it at your peril!! :)


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