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News Archive - January 2001
  Gamebase International!
28 Jan 01

After sorting through all the translation offers, it seems that Gamebase will come out in the following languages:

Danish - Dutch - French - German - Greek
Hungarian - Italian - Japanese - Norwegian
Spanish - Swedish - Turkish

Thanks to all who offered their language skills!

Is your language missing from the list?? Don't worry, you can still volunteer! ;-)

  Game of the Week - Elite
28 Jan 01

Seeing that no new articles are contributed, causing our Game of the Week section to look like 'Game of the Month' (or worse!), we decided to display every now and then reviews that appeared in the British magazine ZZAP!64 (1985-94), in order to make the section more interesting. This week we present the first game reviewed in ZZAP!64 which was also the first game to receive the magazine's famous Gold Medal Award. It is none other than Firebird's Elite, and you can read all about it here!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
28 Jan 01

How strong are your crossword skills? Here's a chance to find out: Datasoft's Crosscheck has just been added to the Rare Games Corner!


Missing Games List Updated

28 Jan 01

Missing: 82 (-6)

Uncovered some more elusive little proggies :)

  Project Status
22 Jan 01

Entries in database: 11864 (+34)
Unchecked: 1277 (-305)
Missing: 88 (+18)
Not 100% working: 76 (-5)

  Forever Lost? - Updated
21 Jan 01

Some of you offered interesting bits of information for the games mentioned in The Others page, so an update was necessary!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
21 Jan 01

What would you say if we offered a Ticket to Paris to all GB fans? You don't believe it? Well, take a look in the Corner for a copy of Blue Lion Software's educational title!

  A New Splash Screen
21 Jan 01

And Tobias Hultman did the trick! Check it out in the Artwork page. Now, how about somebody making a cool GB banner for The C64 Banner Exchange? ;-)

  Multilanguage Support for GB V2!
14 Jan 01

We gladly inform you that the latest addition by James 'Great Maker' Burrows to the Gamebase V2 interface is support for easy translation to any language!

There will be an easy-to-navigate INI file containing every text message used throughout the GB interface, which people will be able to alter, replacing the English values to their own language. It will affect all prompts, labels, menu text, button text, window captions, messages -- basically any text in the GB V2 program that isn't stored in the games' database.

When GB2 is released we can have INI files for German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, etc. available for download. We just need someone to change the messages to their own language for us. The German version will be prepared in-house by The Borg (brrr!), but if you feel you have the strong language skills :) needed for the translation to your own language, pls contact us and we'll notify you when the time comes (it'll be the last thing done in Gamebase, as currently the text seems to be ever-changing)...

  Forever Lost? - 4 New Candidates!
14 Jan 01

Four more games deemed suitable for the section were added today. They are, In chronological order, the English version of Ariolasoft's Kaiser, Infogrames' Phalsberg, S.S.I.'s Realms of Darkness, and the official English version of Kingsoft's Hagar the Horrible. You know anything about them? Drop us a line!

  Rare Games Corner SPECIAL!
14 Jan 01

Not a lot of people know this, but the tape text-only versions of all later Level 9 adventure games (Knight Orc, Gnome Ranger, Time and Magik, Lancelot, Ingrid's Back, Scapeghost) contained much more detailed text in locations' and items' descriptions (in order to make-up for the absence of graphics) than their disk counterparts, making playing both tape and disk versions a separate experience. Sadly, most of these one-sided text-only three-parters tended to be erased by collectors, who in many instances mistakingly believed them not to be 100% versions and were replacing them with the 2-sided disk versions.

This week we present in our Rare Games Corner the ones we have managed to uncover so far. We are still missing text-only versions of Knight Orc and Scapeghost, which feel free to submit if you happen to possess a copy...

  Project Status
7 Jan 01

Entries in database: 11830 (+130)
Unchecked: 1582 (-116)
Missing: 70
Not 100% working: 81

  Rare Games Corner Updated
7 Jan 01

What a better way to celebrate the new millenium than playing First Star's Millenium Warriors! The last C64 game from the company that brought us such classics as the Boulder Dash and the Spy vs Spy series, it sadly remained very little known. A worthy addition to the Rare's Corner.


History in the making!

7 Jan 01

Or a pathetic attempt to pass old news as new? Anyway, you can read all about it here and make your own mind!


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