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News Archive - July 2000
  Rare Games Corner updated
31 Jul 00

Another title - Dribbling (c)1992 Idea Software (100% working version) - has been added to the Rare Games Corner.

The Other Sites section has also been updated.

  New Section - Rare Games Corner!
28 Jul 00

Over the weeks up until the release of GB2 and The Gamebase Collection, we'll be letting the occasional rare game slip onto the website. These will be games that as far as we know are not available anywhere on the web or in any circulating CDs. A working version of Datasoft's Alternate Reality - The City kicks of this section!

  Game of the Week! - Mercenary
28 Jul 00

Tony Peters has contributed this week's article on the classic game "Mercenary - Escape From Targ" by Novagen Software. Please check it out!

If you are feeling a little creative and would like to write a game article on one of your favourite C64 games, we'll be more than happy to feature it in a forthcoming "Game of the Week". Just email it to us here!

  Project Status
28 Jul 00

Michael's return from abroad is imminent, so all newly collected games and info will soon be assimilated into the Gamebase Collection. Check back here for an official Project Status update later in the week. Hopefully there will be quite a few new games added and a decent amount of game info checked.

  Game of the Week! - Paradroid
21 Jul 00

Please check out this week's game article for Paradroid, kindly submitted by Ferdie van Assche.

  New Section - Game of the Week!
14 Jul 00

A new section, Game of the Week! has been added. Whether the section remains permanent will depend on how successful it is and how many contribution articles we get. Hopefully it will bring those memories flooding back by presenting some of those good (and bad) games in an easy-to-read humorous style. Please check out the first official "Game of the Week!", Ninja!

  Project Status
13 Jul 00

The next official Project Status report will be at the beginning of August as Michael is away at the moment. Don't panic though, the team is still checking games and finding new ones, so we hope to have a rather significant update in a couple of weeks time :-)

  gamebase64 v2.0 Progress Update
06 Jul 00

A new feature is being added to version 2.0 called SIDJuke. This is basically a Playlist Manager for Sid tunes. You will be able to drag games into the SIDJuke window from the main gamebase64 window and create your own Sid Playlists quickly and easily. Here are a couple of early screenshots:

(Compact mode)

(Full mode)

Any comments or ideas please email James

  Project Status
06 Jul 00

Entries in database: 10430 (+130)
With Game-File: 10354 (+134)
Unchecked: 4497 (-292)
Missing: 76 (+1)
Not 100% working: 86 (no change)

Other Sites section updated


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