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News Archive - June 2000
  A Spectrum version of gamebase64?
29 Jun 00

Good news for all you ZX Spectrum lovers... Neil English has started development on a Speccy version of gamebase64 called gamebaseZX. For more info please check out his website,

  Project Status
28 Jun 00
Entries in database: 10300 (+100)
With Game-File: 10220 (+103)
Unchecked: 4789 (-104)
Missing: 75 (-8)
Not 100% working: 84 (-2)
  Project Status
21 Jun 00
Entries in database: 10200 (+61)
With Game-File: 10117 (+67)
Unchecked: 4893 (-33)
Missing: 83 (-3)
Not 100% working: 86 (-3)
  Blast Collection Vols 301-340 Added
17 Jun 00

The remaining Blast Collection volumes 301-340 are now available on the download page. Also fixed the zip file containing volumes 151-200 and added the missing volumes (207, 211, 221, 231, 241) to zip 201-250.

  Forum change and minor update
15 Jun 00

The discussion forum has changed hands to ezboard for two reasons, firstly the old one seemed to lose postings, and secondly because I like the new design :-) Again, feel free to post questions and messages whenever you like.

Other minor adjustments have been made to the missing/bugged games lists and the credits page. is launched!
14 Jun 00

At last! The new gamebase64 website goes online in preparation for the forthcoming release of The Gamebase Collection. You can check back here regularly for news and to get info on the status of the collection and it's FrontEnd, gamebase64 v2.0.

There is also a discussion forum where you can ask questions and discuss general C64 stuff. The gamebase64 database team should be frequently posting to the forum with questions and information, so please check the forum regularly.

  Project Status
14 Jun 00

The main task has been done now, which was finding and adding the games to the new database (although there are still some we are on the lookout for). All that remains before release is gathering the game information for the unchecked games. We will post regular updates here to keep you informed of the project's status.

Entries in database: 10139
With Game-File: 10050
Unchecked: 4926
Missing: 86
Not 100% working: 89

Please check out the missing and bugged game lists to see if you have any of them. We are very grateful for any contributions you can make!


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