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News Archive - March 2001
  Game of the Week - Bounty Bob Strikes Back
25 Mar 01

This is the only ZZAP!64 review of an 8-bit Atari game -- under US Gold assurances that the C64 version was identical! Some rival magazines mentioned the fact accompanied with... unfavourable comments, so this practice was never repeated in ZZAP! (something that cannot be said for those same rival magazines!).

Needless to say, the screenshots accompanying this htmlized review are instead taken from the C64 version.

  Rare Games Corner Updated
25 Mar 01

Did you know that Beam Software's Crack of Doom, the 4th Tolkin Adventure game, was converted to the C64? What? You don't believe it? Well, seeing is believing! :)

  Project Status
18 Mar 01

Entries in database: 12162 (+50)
Unchecked: 596 (-141)
Missing: 40 (-13)
Not 100% working: 78 (+1)

  Game of the Week - Shades
18 Mar 01

Our new ZZAP! review deals with the paranormal. As "Shades" (the phenomenon of people vanishing from one location and then reappearing elsewhere) has happened to James twice (one time in his toilet, the second time in a bank waiting-line), we certainly know what we are talking about! :)

  Rare Games Corner Updated
18 Mar 01

And Puffin Books' The Forest of Doom (the game, not the book :) is the new addition. This version won't enter in an endless loading loop when trying to load the 2nd game section.

  Forever Lost? - California Games II
11 Mar 01

Seems like a C64 version of this was available for a limited period. All relevant info has now been added to our relevant section...

But the greatest news is that we are touching Realms of Darkness -- and we have a dozen screenshots to prove it! Seems like it won't remain Forever Lost after all!

  Game of the Week - Web Dimension
11 Mar 01

A new week, a new ZZAP! review -- you know the drill! :)

  Rare Games Corner Updated
11 Mar 01

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! You now can find a 100% version of Microprose's Pirates! in the rarities section.

  Project Status
4 Mar 01

Entries in database: 12112 (+100)
Unchecked: 737 (-44)
Missing: 53 (-26)
Not 100% working: 77 (+1)

  Game of the Week - BC's Quest for Tires
4 Mar 01

A new ZZAP!64 review on display. You know, these reviews are required reading for any self-respecting C64 fan -- Don't tell us you can't find the time to read one tiny review in a whole week! :)

Also re-edited a few past reviews that needed to become more Netscape-friendly (especially the one for Elite).

  Rare Games Corner Updated
4 Mar 01

And our newest addition is the English version of PSS' fantasy strategy game Sorcerer Lord.

Also, SSI's Demon's Winter download has been updated with a password-removed version thanks to the coding skills of Stephan Andres!


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