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News Archive - May 2002
  Project Status
26 May 02

Entries in database: 15050 (+38)
Missing: 49 (-2) Found Devil's Gallery & Heli-Jump
Not 100% working: 73 (-)

That's it! The database has been frozen at the 15,050 entries' mark, and now we have entered the fine-tunning steps that need to be done before release. The database will now be converted to the new GameBase format (the team used a special format during James development of the GameBase program) but this will take some time as Michael Plate has to crosslink more than 1,800 precursor/sequel/related games. As always, watch this space for developments...

  Game of the Week - Beach Head II
26 May 02

"The battle rages on as the Allies and the Dictator fight it out over an armed island."

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Games of the Week section.

  Adventure of the Week - The Scroll of Akbar Khan
26 May 02


  Project Status
19 May 02

Entries in database: 15012 (-)
Missing: 51 (-)
Not 100% working: 73 (-1) Found a good version of Mind Pursuit.

  Game of the Week - Thing on a Spring
19 May 02

"Birth of a new cute HERO, in this addictive game from Gremlin Graphics."

A htmlized review of the game from the UK C64 computer games' magazine Zzap!64 has been added to the GOTW section.

  Adventure of the Week - Supergran
19 May 02

"The White Wizard has been unhappy with the lowness of the quality of the adventures this month. There are three very poor and one fair to middling cassette adventure in this months review section. Looking back at my all-time favourite trio, the Zork series, was the high point of the month but having to review the others made me very annoyed. Where have all the decent cassette adventures gone dear readers? I hope to bring good news to you diskless adventurers next month, but until then you'll just have to make do."

  Attack of the Aquanauts
19 May 02

As discussed in our forum, a version of Interceptor's Aquanaut, fixed by our own resident Borg, has now been added to our Rare Games Corner.

  Project Status
12 May 02

Entries in database: 15012 (+176)
Missing: 51 (-)
Not 100% working: 74 (-)

Actually, the entries of games in database remain 14961 as 51 entries are for the known 'missing' games...

  Six Games of the Week!
12 May 02

Blue Max 2001.Crystal Castles.Stealth
Mr. Do's Castle.Strip Poker II.Night Mission Pinball

The entire feature on forthcoming American imports, as published in Zzap!64 issue 4 (August 1985), has been htmlized and all 6 previews by Julian Rignall are now available online!

  Zzap! Review Policy Updated
12 May 02

The article on the review policy of Zzap!64 has been brought up to date with issue 4. Changes include the departure of reviewer Bob Wade, his replacement by Paul Sumner, the re-design of the ratings' box, the removal of the 'Originality' rating and the addition of the 'Overall' rating.

  Project Status
5 May 02

Entries in database: 14836 (-)
Missing: 51 (-1) Found Das Schwert Skar
Not 100% working: 74 (-)

Michael has been travelling to distant lands these last weeks and was not able to work much for Gamebase.
Thankfully, after sending Darth Demetrius to knock on his door he promised he'll be back with an update next week. Let's hope I won't have to call on the Sith again...

  Game of the Week - Spooks
5 May 02

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Games of the Week section.

  Game of the Week - Ciphoid 9
5 May 02

And this concludes Zzap Issue 3! Join us next week for the beginning of issue 4, o true believers! :)


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