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News Archive - November 2000
  Rare Games Corner Updated
26 Nov 00

The complete SSI's Demon's Winterwas added to the ever-growing Rare Games Corner, and some inaccuracies in the text accompanying Portal were corrected.

  Project Status
20 Nov 00

Michael supplied another update of our work-in-progress:

Entries in database: 11311 (+130)
Unchecked: 1850 (-703)
Missing: 94 (+27)
Not 100% working: 78 (-)

Also check out the updated Game-List!

  Rare Games Corner Updated
19 Nov 00

Visit the Rare Games Corner to get a decent version of Ocean's Tai-Pan! In addition, Melbourne House's Shadows of Mordor was replaced with an okay copy, as the previous' picture file was reported to be broken!

  Game of the Week - Zolyx
19 Nov 00

While hastily abandoning the Gamebase Towers, James carelessly left behind a scroll with an article on Firebird's Zolyx!

  * A Change of Management *
19 Nov 00
James needed more free time to focus on Gamebase development, so this site will be updated by Dimitris from now on. Well renowed for his modesty, Dimitris requests all fan mail praising his persona to be posted on the Forum instead of flooding his mailbox! (yeah, right!) :-)

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