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News Archive - October 2000
  Project Status
26 Oct 00

Sorry for the delayed update. It took a while longer than expected to get my PC sorted out. All should be back to normal now though!

Entries in database: 11181 (+281)
Unchecked: 2553 (-363)
Missing: 67 (-1)
Not 100% working: 78 (-1)

Remember, the GB Collection will be released when the remaining unchecked games have been checked. I hope you're getting as excited as we are! :-)

  Rare Games Corner Updated
26 Oct 00
A 100% working version of Activision's Portal is added to the corner this week. This version works in CCS64 and VICE and you can even save your game... how nice are we? ;-)
  Game of the Week - Trailblazer
26 Oct 00
Trailblazer by Gremlin Graphics is this week's game. Please check the article out here, submitted by yours truly!
  Rare Games Corner Updated
10 Oct 00

The 1989 US Version of Taito's QIX has been uploaded to the Rare Games Corner this week. Thanks go to Mason for this rare gem!

  Missing and Bugged Lists Updated
10 Oct 00

Quite a few missing and bugged games found over the last couple of weeks! Thanks to those who helped! :-)

Missing: 68 (-21)
Not 100% working: 79 (-3)

  More Splash Screen Contributions
10 Oct 00

Demetrius has been at it again with his C64 splash screens for GB2. Check them out here!

Remember, we're still accepting splash-screens and icons for GB2 and the one(s) we eventually pick for the front-end will get a free copy of the GB-CD mailed to them as a thank you! The contributions so far can be seen on the artwork page.

  gamebaseZX v0.1 Beta Released!
10 Oct 00

Neil English has released his first public beta of "gamebase64 for the Spectrum": gamebaseZX! This early beta supports the 2 popular Spectrum emulators ZXPlus and ZX32, plus allows you to add your own games. More info can be found on his web site,!

  Next Site Update...
10 Oct 00 will be updated next on Thursday 19th October. The update is early this week as I've just bought a new hard drive so I'm doing a complete reinstall this Thursday. It'll probably take a few days to get everything back to normal, so I (James) won't be available for a while.

There will be a Project Status Update with renewed missing, bugged and game lists next Thursday also.

  Rare Games Corner Updated
05 Oct 00

The Rare Games Corner has been updated again, this time with Origin's Tangled Tales!

  Game of the Week - Hypa-Ball
05 Oct 00

A brand new Game of the Week has been added to the archives! Please check out this article by James Burrows on Odin's futuristic Sports-Sim, Hypa-Ball!


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