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News Archive - October 2001
  Game of the Week - Hyper Circuit
28 Oct 01

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Game of the Week section.

  Game of the Week - More Adventures of Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man
28 Oct 01


  Rare Games Corner Updated
28 Oct 01

There were three attempts to transfer the original mainframe Adventure to the C64:

1. Colossal Adventure by Level 9
2. Classic Adventure
by Melbourne House/Abersoft
3. Colossal Cave Adventure by Duckworth

The last one was unavailable on the net until today.

  A Remake of Firebird's Zolyx
24 Oct 01

Sometime last year, James wrote a remake of Firebird's 1987 classic Zolyx. Since other people seem to have been releasing their own remakes lately, he thought he'd join the bandwagon and release his! It's called Bolyx and can be obtained from our downloads page!

As usual, feedback is welcome in our Forum! :-)

  We are back, finally!
24 Oct 01

Wow, that was a long couple of days! It's been an absolute nightmare swapping servers but hopefully now everything should be back to normal. Sorry for the delay!

Unfortunately, due to server space, we've had to take down the Blast Collection zips from our downloads page.


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