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News Archive - September 2000
  Rare Games Corner Updated
28 Sep 00
This week, we've uploaded the Greek version of Gremlin's 1986 soccer game, Footballer of the Year!
  CAFE Development is now official
25 Sep 00

Development on CAFE - Commodore Amiga Front End (initially started by James Burrows two years ago) has been restarted. The project has taken a similar path to the gamebase64 project and will include a FrontEnd and database for Amiga games. Those interested should check out the newly launched CAFE web site at

  Project Status
21 Sep 00

Entries in database: 10900 (+42)
Unchecked: 2916 (-62)
Missing: 89 (-6)
Not 100% working: 82 (-2)

  Rare Games Corner Updated
21 Sep 00

The full disk (graphical) version of The Shadows of Mordor has been added to the Rare Games Corner this week!

  Project Status
14 Sep 00
Entries in database: 10858 (+32)
Unchecked: 2978 (-324)
Missing: 95 (-1)
Not 100% working: 84 (-2)
  Rare Games Corner Updated
14 Sep 00
This week it's the C128 version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (c) 1986 CRL. Download it here!
  Andreas updates his v1.3b Database!
07 Sep 00

Check out what's new in his database here. As usual, it's available on the download page, along with the new screenshots.

  Rare Games Corner Updated
07 Sep 00

An ultra-rare gem has been added to the corner this week: Virgin's 1988 "online" game, Micro-MUD (Multi User Dungeon). Go get it!!

  Game of the Week - Star Trader
07 Sep 00

Tony Peters has contributed this article on the game he dubs as "the poor man's Elite"..... Star Trader!

  4 New Splash Screens!
07 Sep 00

Dimitris has gone mad again with his cool C64 Splash Screens for GB2. Check them out on the Artwork Page!

  Game List available for download!
04 Sep 00

As from today, you'll get an updated Game List for the Gamebase Collection each time we issue a Project Status update on the website. Get it here!

  Project Status
04 Sep 00

Entries in database: 10826 (+226)
Unchecked: 3302 (-406)
Missing: 96 (+12)
Not 100% working: 86

  More GB artwork received!
04 Sep 00

Three new Splash Screens and one Icon have been added to the Artwork page. Check them out here!


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