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News Archive - September 2002
  Back with a sun-tan
29 Sep 02

Yeah, well, although it rained one day while I was swimming <groan>, but other than that the weather was a dream! Now, "the break is over, heads inside", as a joke I've recently heard concludes. (A person dies and goes to hell, the devil lets him choose his pain-room out of one filled with flames where people burn, one filled with spikes that people are penetrated with, and one filled with shit where people are submerged up to their necks in -- he choose the last one and entered the room only to hear the punchline mentioned above, har, har!) X-)

  Six Games of the Week
29 Sep 02

The feature on American imports from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been htmlized and added to our Games of the Week section. The games covered are:

Super Zaxxon.Track & Field.Whistler's Brother
Archon II - Adept.Ballblazer.Ms Pacman

Also included are Digital Drums (a utility) and a mention of Pole Position II three years earlier than its release...

  Vacation Time!
10 Sep 02

Well, for me (Dimitris) at least! I'll be off to the sunny Greek island of Chios for the next 2 weeks. I won't have internet access there, so if in the meantime this site is updated, it won't be by me!

  Game of the Week - Stop the Express
10 Sep 02

"...a much underrated game on the Spectrum about a year and a half ago, now it's available for the 64 with slightly improved graphics and sound."

A htmlized review of the game from the UK C64 computer games' magazine Zzap!64 has been added to the GOTW section.

This was the last review of issue 4, we'll now move on to issue 5! A big 'thank you' to those who actually read these classic reviews!

  Project Update
1 Sep 02

Entries in database: 15420 (+120)
Missing: 56 (-)
Not 100% working: 80 (-)

  Game of the Week -
Herbert's Dummy Run
1 Sep 02

"...The graphics are very, very similar to Pyjamarama and either my telly speaker's broken or there's not much sound during the game..."

A htmlized review of the game from the UK Zzap!64 C64 computer games' magazine has been added to our Games of the Week section.


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