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New Universal Emulator GameBase
A beta is now available at bu22. com!
Follow the link above to visit the site of the new GameBase where things happen the universal way!

Some direct links of interest:

The Download page where you can download the new beta and (amongst other stuff) a converter for those wishing to use their old gamebase64 databases with it.

The Database page where you can read all about the status of various databases being assempled (as well as our own!)

The Progress page where you can read about what's in and what's out of the current beta, as well as what'll be in the future official release.

Read on for some pictures (more of which-and newer-can be found in the GameBase site) and what the release of GameBase means specifically to Commodore 64 users.

GameBase is now nearing completion, so here's a more informative look at what to expect from the new version! Click on the pictures to view them at their actual size.  

New Interface

The interface has completely changed in GameBase. Each item in the list (game or sid) is now given an icon showing whether it has a game-file or sid-file linked to it. You can scroll the list horizontally or vertically and setup a second, sortable column matching any field in the database.

You can also view as many screenshots that fit into the display area at once. You can optionally view the screenshots half-size to save space, or simply hide them altogether. You can even "zoom in" a screenshot to get a closer look!


New Custom View Engine

In GameBase's predecessors, a maximum of 3 custom views were allowed. With GameBase, you can set up as many custom views as you like! You can filter a view on more than one field and specify whether you want ALL filters to match or ANY filter to match.

Once you have created a custom view it will keep until you either change or remove it.


Improved Game Support

New officially supported game types include G64/G41, TAP and CRT images. GameBase will additionally support any game type you require by simply asking you to add it's filename extension to a list. There is also a new recursive archive extractor routine which supports .zip, .gz, .lha/lhz, .lnx and zipcoded (file/disk packed) archives.

GameBase will also optionally re-zip a game if it has changed while playing (e.g. you saved a new high score).


Improved Sid Support

The HVSC has been integrated very tightly with GameBase. You can now view all demo sids together with game sids (in the same list) and each sid's internal details are displayed in the tabbed info below the list.

The Sid-selector window now has an auto-search function, and player support has also been improved letting you add as many players as you want.


Massively Improved Emulator Support!

The way GameBase runs games has completely changed from its earlier versions. A scripting language is now used to setup any emulators you like! Don't worry all you people who can't code... there are many default scripts that come with GameBase, you just have to click the 'Import' button and pick one for the emulator you require!

As well has being somewhat future-proof, having a scripting language for configuring emulators means that you fussy types can tweak how your games are run to your hearts content! :-)

To see exactly how the GEMUS (Gamebase EMUlator Script) engine works, take a look at this page from the official GameBase documentation!


Other Improvements and features

- Multi-lingual support via a language ini file
- Much faster, optimized code
- Extras system implemented to store things such as coverscans, pokes, other game-files, reviews, maps, mp3s etc.. (per game)
- Composer photos can be stored/viewed
- Can now convert both 256 and 16 colour bitmaps into gifs
- Can now save/trim larger and smaller screenshots (so long as the x/y ratio is 1.6 [like 320x200 is])
- Main window now completely resizable
- Can now change the colour and font of the game list
- Classic games and Favourite games are shown in bold text in the list
- Added a passworded filter to hide/show adult games
- Editing fields is now possible in 'batch mode' for all games in the current list
- Recent menu can now store items when clicked on or when run
- Many new game-fields added, some field lengths increased
- Each game can have links to it's prequel/sequel/related game




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