Welcome to the Rare Games Corner! In this section from time to time we'll upload a rare game that, as far as we know, is not available over the internet or in any of the circulating CD collections. It's a gift from us, in order to help ease the suffering while waiting for the Gamebase Collection to be released!


Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom
1984 Mindscape

The US Version of the first Indy game... Great loading screen!




Hagar the Horrible
(UK version)
1992 Kingsoft

The previously unreleased english version appears here courtesy of the programmer, Rasmus Wernersson.

Our own Michael Plate patched it by permission of the programmer disabling the password-protection routine, but you can download the unpatched originals of both the English and German versions, as well as the sources in our Forever Lost? section.

Download (64k)



Gettysburg - The Turning Point
1986 S.S.I.

Another one from the SSI Strategy Games, requested in our forum as usual...



1985 Destiny Software

An adventure with point and click control in 1985? Yep, that's Destiny!




1989 Magnetic Scrolls

This is certainly the rarest of the Magnetic Scrolls' adventures. Here we present a password-free version, unavailable on the net until today. Many thanks to a member of the Magnetic Development Team for responding favourably to our request and performing the tricky unprotection task.



Multi-Player Soccer Manager
1991 D&H Games

A Football manager game that lets you compete with your friends. Great fun, but it came out too late in the 'life' of the C64 to get the attention it deserved...




The Citadel of Chaos
1984 Puffin Books

A twin release with The Forest of Doom, (a good copy of which is also available here), this contains the complete text of the now-out-of-print Puffin Books classic gamebook. Playing this game really is a fantasy experience!



1987 Pim Software

This is a curiosity of sorts, a Greek adventure game called Herakles. Nice graphics and a plot that closely follows the hero's myth made this a popular game here in Greece.

Notes for a little gfx-seeing: North=B, South=N, East=A, and West=D. When part 1 is loaded, type N to see the docs or O to load directly the main gamefile. If you load part 2 you have to type the code found at the end of part one, which is 3245426. An English version is in the making...



The Quest
1984 Penguin Software

One of the first disk-based Graphic Adventures on the C64, it was requested in our forum.




Road to Moscow
1987 Game Designers' Workshop

A strategy game requested in our forum.

Note: Use the VICE emulator with this one.




Mystery Voyage
1986 Colleen

A three-part adventure game featuring great presentation (for a quilled game).

No, it wasn't requested in our forum :)



1984 Domark

This is the complete version of the game, containing all five adventure parts and all five arcade parts. The reason for the versions circulating having only 2 or 3 arcade parts is that Domark could not fit all parts into a 2-sided disk -- as a result they left out some arcade parts from the disk version! Only the tape version contains all 10 parts.



The Scepticals!
1986-87 Delta 4

Teletext on the C64? Yup, these are the three 'issues' of Sceptical... an e-magazine that accompanied three different Delta 4 games.

The first Sceptical was included in Bored of the Rings, the second in The Boggit (both published by CRL in 1986), and the third in The Big Sleaze (published by Piranha in 1987). All a great fun to read!

Download (63k)



Questprobe 3 -
Fantastic Four
(Tape Version)
1985 Adventure Int'al (UK)

A.I. UK needed to make a tape version of this one for the British market, but its usual adventure software engine could not handle the complex nature of this third Questprobe game. As a result they bought from Melbourne House the rights of the Terrormolinos software engine and used that instead!



Colossal Cave Adventure
1985 Duckworth

There were three attempts to transfer the original mainframe Adventure to the C64:

1. Colossal Adventure by L9
2. Classic Adventure
. . Melbourne House/Abersoft
3. Colossal Cave Adventure
. . by Duckworth

The last one was unavailable on the net until today.



Microprose Demonstration Disk
1987 Microprose

Here's a nice demonstration program that displays images from various games of this high-esteemed software publisher and really deserves some attention! If you know of any similar demonstration program, make a post in the forum...

Word of warning: When the demo finishes, it crashes: Fix it and become a new cult hero :)

Download (94k)



Dragon's Keep
1984 Sierra On-Line

A nice and simple adventure game for kids, featuring multiple choice selections instead of text input.




Alice in Wonderland 1985 Windham Classics
Someone requested this, as he has trouble finding a working version.




Fun School 3
Database Software

The Under 5s version, graciously supplied by Lozza!




Fun School 3
Database Software

The 5 to 7s version, also supplied by Lozza!




1984 Interceptor Software

As discussed in our forum, a version of this game fixed by our own resident Borg is now available for download.




Mind Pursuit
1986 Datasoft

A well-presented trivia game. This hopefully error-free version was created by combining two faulty versions -- however, we had no time for extensive testing, so if anyone out there has the time...



Naval Battle of Tsushima
1984 Avalon Hill

A strategy game that was requested in our forum.




Omega -
Planete Invisible
1987 Infogrames

A french rpg that was requested in our forum.



1985 Infogrames

The english version of a french rpg that was requested in our forum :)




Treasures of Ra
1984 Dinamite

As requested in our forum on behalf of the programmer Matthew Seaman, who could not find a copy of his game until today!




Cartels & Cutthroats
1986 S.S.I.

A business management strategy game that was requested in our forum.

Update: It was reported in our forum that this version is faulty. Any help is welcome!



1983 Avalon Hill

A galactic conquest strategy game that was requested in our forum.



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