Gamebase64 @ Back In Time Live!
Birmingham, May 16th 2001



John Vallender and myself (James) were lucky enough to attend the Back In Time Live event in Birmingham on Wednesday, May 16th 2001. I donned my retro-gamebase t-shirt and hopped along with my girlfriend Kate to join a host of other C64 fans in meeting some of our friends and some notable C64 celebrities!

I met John at the event (the first time two Gamebase64 members have met face to face!). I also met my good friends Peter and Per who host the web site, Adam Lorentzon (Windows Sidplay), Warren Pilkington from the HVSC, and quite a few other people that I have spoken to via email or ICQ over the past few years. It was really great to meet everyone in person, including the many original C64 composers who attended. Everyone was really friendly and we all had a good time!

I think a lot of people owe their thanks to Chris Abbott at C64 Audio for organising the event. His Back In Time 3 CD is very good and has some excellent remixes of an array of popular C64 tunes.

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